Case Studies

Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning System pays itself off in less than two years!

Case study of the Automatic Tube Cleaning System (ATCS) with brushes. The brushes automatically clean the fouling in pipes keeping it running efficiently. This article shows the results measured after three years of the ATCS system operating at the GSA building.

Tube fouling cleaning. Automatic Tube Cleaning System

The Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning System was installed at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. They were experiencing heavy fouling as they draw their water directly from the Milwaukee River. They were having to clean their chiller tubes manually every week! It would take them an entire day to clean the chiller tubes. As [...]


WSA Brush-type Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems (ATCS) were installed on the centrifugal and absorption chillers.  The two systems are returning the total cost of their original installation every year in energy and labor savings.  These savings are a direct result of reduced energy consumption and maintenance.  Prior to installation of the WSA Brush-type Automatic Tube [...]

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